A new era is dawning for Indian influencers on Twitter as they unlock the potential for monetization through Elon Musk's innovative venture.

Another Twitter bug is apparently restoring deleted tweets and retweets for hundreds of users who seem completely clueless about it. A security expert noted that the social media app restored 34,000 messages; the bug also seems to be impacting deleted retweets. A former Twitter employee believes the bug occurred when Twitter moved its servers around, thus accidentally restoring the old data.

Twitter Bug: First-Hand Accounts

A journalist from an international media publication, James Vincent, experienced this problem firsthand. He said that he deleted all of his tweets two weeks ago, but to his surprise, he discovered today that Twitter had restored some of his old retweets, including interactions dating back to 2020. Upon further digging, it was revealed that he was not alone, as numerous users reported witnessing their deleted tweets being resurrected.

Dick Morrell, an individual who uses Mastodon, said that last November, he deleted all of his 38,000 tweets, likes, media, and retweets using a tool called Redact. However, his encounter with the bug.was such that one day he found 34,000 tweets being restored to his account. He disclosed that approximately 400 people had contacted him, sharing similar experiences with the bug.

Blizzard Issues and Bugs

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the social media platform has experienced perplexing issues and bugs, leaving users scratching their heads. While Musk’s influence and innovative thinking have undoubtedly brought attention to the platform, it has also brought about a fair share of unusual occurrences. Despite these bizarre issues and bugs, one thing remains certain: Elon Musk’s tenure at the helm of Twitter has undeniably brought unprecedented excitement and unpredictability to the platform. While some users may find these quirks frustrating, others view them as a testament to the enigmatic and unconventional nature of the tech mogul himself.

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