Jazz Internet Packages: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Pakistan’s leading digital telecom company, Jazz is now offering data plans for literally everyone. From daily packages to very accommodating monthly packages, the company is offering new and compelling data offers for all types of users at affordable rates. Moreover, Jazz also brings its customers amazing Jazz Free WhatsApp Packages. Here are the details of Jazz Internet packages:

Jazz Daily Internet Packages (Prepaid)

Jazz offers several internet bundles at very economical rates for all internet supporters who want to appreciate uninterrupted internet services. Here are the details of daily Jazz Internet Packages:

For past paced life and continuous internet usage, Jazz offers affordable daily Jazz internet packages to its customers. One of these packages is the ‘Daily YouTube and Social’ package, offering 1 GB data for YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook, allowing you to remain in contact with your loved ones all the time.

Daily YouTube & Social 
PriceRs. 15 + Tax
Details1 GB Data for YouTube, WhatsApp & Facebook
Validity1 Day
Activation Code*968# More Details 

Daily Jazz Internet Packages

Other daily Jazz internet packages include the ‘Daily Extreme’ and ‘Daily MEGA’ packages, offering 2 GB and 1 GB data respectively.

Daily Extreme 
PriceRs. 15 + Tax
Details2 GB Data (12AM-12PM)
Validity1 Day
Activation Code*757# More Details 


Daily MEGA
PriceRs. 27 + Tax
Details1 GB Data
Validity1 Day
Activation Code*117*4# More Details 

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages (Prepaid)

Jazz also offers amazing weekly internet packages, as a solution for work-from-home conditions. ‘Weekly YouTube and Social’ offers 5 GB of data for all your social apps in just Rs. 88.7. Furthermore, with the ‘Weekly Mega’ package Jazz brings 7 GB data in just Rs. 213.

Weekly YouTube & Social
PriceRs. 88.7 + Tax
Details5 GB Data for IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Facebook
Validity7 Days
Activation Code*660# More Details 

Weekly Jazz Internet Packages

Weekly Mega
PriceRs. 213 + Tax
Details7 GB Data
Validity7 Days
Activation Code*159# More Details 


Other weekly Jazz internet packages include, ‘Weekly Mega Plus’ and ‘Weekly Premium’ offering 15 GB + 10 GB data divided into timings and 4 GB data respectively.

Weekly Mega Plus
PriceRs. 275 + Tax
Details15 GB + 10 GB Data (2AM- 2PM)
Validity7 Days
Activation Code*453# More Details 


Weekly Premium 
PriceRs. 169 + Tax
Details4 GB Data + 50 All network mins
Validity7 Days
Activation Code*117*47# More Details 


Jazz Monthly Internet Packages (Prepaid)

Jazz brings amazing affordable packages for its loyal customers to satisfy their cravings for month-long internet services. For Free Jazz WhatsApp package, the operator brings ‘Monthly Social Package’ offering 5 GB Data for WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO in just Rs. 99.

Monthly Social 
PriceRs. 99 + Tax
Details5 GB Data (WhatsApp, Facebook, & IMO)
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*661# More Details 

Monthly Jazz Internet Packages

Another monthly Jazz internet package is ‘Monthly Premium’, offering a whopping 25 GB of data along with free 250 mins for all networks, in which 10 GB of data is allocated for YouTube.

Monthly Premium
PriceRs. 630 + Tax
Details25 GB Data (10 GB YouTube) + 250 All network mins
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*2000# More Details 


In addition to these, there are also ‘Monthly Mega Plus’, ‘Monthly Supreme’, and ‘Monthly Browser’ monthly Jazz internet packages offering 12 GB, 22 GB, 2 GB data respectively at quite affordable rates.

Monthly Mega Plus
PriceRs. 349 + Tax
Details12 GB Data (6 GB 2AM- 2PM)
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*117*30# More Details 


Monthly Supreme
PriceRs. 525 + Tax
Details22 GB Data (12 GB 2AM- 2PM)
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*117*32# More Details 


Monthly Browser
PriceRs. 89 + Tax
Details2 GB Data
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*709# More Details 

Other Jazz Internet Packages (Prepaid)

In addition to the above-mentioned packages, Jazz also offers a special bundle ‘Super Ghanta Offer’ for a duration of 1 hour, this free Jazz internet package offers 1 GB of data in just Rs. 9.

Super Ghanta Offer
PriceRs. 9 + Tax
Details1 GB Data
Validity1 hour
Activation Code*638# More Details 


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