Ufone SMS Packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly

Ufone SMS Packages

Ufone is extremely popular among the general public due to its affordable SMS bundles, categorized according to user’s needs and demands. Here are the details of all SMS bundles or exciting Ufone SMS Packages 2021.

Ufone SMS Bundle 2021

Ufone Daily SMS Packages

SMS is the most conventional form of messaging service that came into being even before the digital era was a thing. Ufone is known for its affordable SMS bundle, as the tag line goes “it’s all about you.” Ufone SMS Packages is targeted at those who like to connect daily with their family and friends via SMS. Ufone Daily SMS Package priced at Rs.4 offers 1600 SMS to any network.

Daily Package
PriceRs. 4.77+tax
Details1,600 Free SMS
Validity24 Hours
SMS ‘SUB’ to605 More Details


Yearly Ufone SMS Packages 2021

Ufone is the only cellular service provider that offers a yearly ufone SMS Packages. Ufone customers can subscribe to this package to avoid the hassle of subscribing to packages daily, weekly or monthly. Ufone all-in-one yearly SMS package offers 110,000 free sms for only Rs.795+Tax.

Yearly Package
PriceRs. 795.87+tax
Details110,000 Free SMS
ValidityOne Year
SMS ‘SUB’ to601 More Details


Weekly Ufone SMS Packages 

Looking for an affordable weekly SMS Bucket? Ufone offers a weekly SMS bucket for Uth package customers only priced at Rs.11+Tax. The package provides 1250 free SMS. Stay connected with your friends and send unlimited SMS to any network in Pakistan via Ufone weekly SMS Package.

Weekly SMS Bucket (Only valid for Uth Package Customers)
PriceRs. 11 .95+tax
Details1,250 Free SMS
Validity7 Days
SMS ‘SUB’ to608 More Details


Ufone 45 Days SMS Packages 

The Ufone’s 45 day SMS package sounds very interesting and unique. Ufone has provided an additional option for its customers who needs a neutral option between monthly and yearly package. Ufone 45 days SMS Package provides 31,000 free SMS for only Rs.118+Tax.

45 Days SMS Bucket
PriceRs. 118.31+tax
Details31,000 Free SMS
Validity45 Days
SMS ‘SUB’ to614 More Details


Other Ufone SMS Packages 15 Days 

Fortnightly Package

Fortnightly Ufone SMS Packages 15 days is an easy and convenient 14-day SMS bundle for those who want free SMS for a limited time only. Ufone customers can enjoy hassle-free communication with their loved ones for 15 days. The fortnightly package by Ufone offers 10,500 Free SMS for only Rs.39+Tax.

Fortnightly Package(Ufone SMS Packages 15 Days )
PriceRs. 39.33 + tax
Details10,500 Free SMS
Validity14 Days
SMS ‘SUB’ to603 More Details