Nas Daily, a Facebook page run by Nuseir Yassin, a Palestinian- Israeli video blogger, has observed a drop in the number of followers. The loss of followers is reportedly from 38 million followers to an alarming number of 20 million followers. 

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This happened because Nas Daily in one of their social media posts called the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians a conflict instead of oppression.

“If the conflict was as easy as 1+1 = 2, it would have been fixed in 1948. There is a reason this conflict has lasted for 70+ years. It’s complicated.” wrote Nas Daily in one of their social media posts resulting in outrage from followers all around the world.

He further added in the comment section “Man, what did people think Nas Daily was? I’m shocked people are shocked. My stance on this topic has been clear forever. I’ve made tens of videos on this topic. So this should come as no surprise.

I’ve been making peaceful videos for 5 years. And I will never be pulled into promoting hate towards anyone or anything. This is who we are. This is what I am. This is who you should be. People need to either get on the train or off of it. We have 38 million people on the train already, and we’re heading for the 100 million

Consequently, people from all over the world who used to appreciate his charming one-minute videos do not agree with his stance on the notion. Therefore, after his recent statement of describing the torment as a conflict, he has suffered a tremendous loss of his followers.

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To know more about the video blogger, in 2016, Nuseir Yassin left his job at Venmo and chose to travel the world, with the aim of video-documenting his journeys. This ended in the creation of a Facebook page named NAS Daily, where he would produce a video every day for 1,000 days. After meeting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in early 2018, NAS Daily was promoted to “show” status, and, by September 2018, his page had accumulated over 8 million followers. By November of the very year, this figure had surged to over 10 million.

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Furthermore, Yassin concluded this 1000 daily video course on 5 January 2019, completing the final video with the tagline: “That’s one minute, see you soon”. On 1 February 2019, he began creating one video per week, for a planned 100 weeks until the start of 2021. Yassin previously resided in Singapore but presently lives in Dubai. In addition to it, in the year 2020, Yassin established NAS Academy, an academy for video creators, and NAS Studios, a video creation studio. 


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