Etisalat Call Packages in 2023 (International I Local): A Comprehensive Guide to Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Packages

Etisalat, one of the leading telecommunications providers in the UAE, offers a diverse range of call packages designed to cater to the communication needs of its customers. This comprehensive guide will explore the various Etisalat call packages available in 2023, covering local and international calling options. Whether you require affordable local call packages or want to stay connected with loved ones abroad, Etisalat has you covered.

Etisalat Call Packages 2023

Etisalat call packages are meticulously crafted to provide users with cost-effective options for making calls, ensuring seamless communication experiences. These call packages transcend mere communication solutions; they are committed to offering affordable rates, enhanced features, flexible durations, and additional features to enhance the calling experience, making them a popular choice among customers in the UAE.

Etisalat Local Call Packages 2023

Etisalat offes a variety of call packages specifically tailored for local calls within the UAE. Let’s explore them in detail:

Etisalat Daily Local Call Packages

In a world where communication is paramount, Etisalat’s daily call packages emerge as a beacon of convenience. These packages give users a predetermined number of minutes for local calls, ensuring uninterrupted daily connectivity. By offering varied minute allocations, these packages cater to diverse needs, ensuring that the occasional callers and the chatter enthusiasts find the perfect fit.

Using daily packages, you can enjoy contacting any local landline or mobile number at discounted rates, saving 44% on 5 and 10 minutes calls and 63% on a 30-minute call than any other standard packages; however, these are not valid on any premium numbers. So, whether you need a quick catch-up with friends or a brief business discussion, Etisalat’s daily packages guarantee affordability and seamless conversations.

TimePricePer Min chargesActivationDe- Activation
5 Minutes1 AED0.2*111*1*1#CLocal5 sent to 1010
10 Minutes2 AED0.20*111*1*1#CLocal10 sent to 1010
30 Minutes4AED0.13*111*1*1#CLocal30 sent to 1010

Etisalat Weekly Local Call Packages

Etisalat’s weekly call packages provide an easy solution for those seeking an extended connectivity duration. Users can enjoy uninterrupted local calling with a validity of an entire week without frequent recharging. These packages are designed to accommodate different usage patterns, allowing customers to easily stay connected with friends, family, and businesses throughout the week. With different minute allocations available, users can select a package that suits their calling patterns and budget.

PackagePriceCall and SMS VolumeActivationsDeactivation
Pinoy20 AED20 local minutes, 250 SMS FlexiType Pinoy send to 1012Type Pinoy and send it to 1012

Etisalat Monthly Local Call Packages

For customers who prefer extended validity, Etisalat’s monthly call packages are an ideal choice. These packages offer a substantial number of local call minutes, allowing users to stay connected throughout the month. With competitive rates and varied options, Etisalat ensures that users can choose a package that aligns with their calling needs.

Monthly Combo 3535 AED15 minutes, 500MB local data, 250MB promo dataDial 101 to activate the packageDial 101 to De-activate it
Monthly Combo 5050 AED30 minutes, 750MB local data, 750MB promo dataDial 101 to activate the packageDial 101 to De-activate it
Monthly Combo 100100 AED100 minutes, 1.5GB local data, 1.5GB promo dataDial 101 to activate the packageDial 101 to De-activate it
Small Combo Plan 4040 AED60 Minutes, 100 MB local data, 1GB social dataDial 101 to activate the packageAutomatically Expires after 30 days
Monthly Combo Plan 100100 AED100 Minutes, 1GB local dataDial 101 to activate the packageAutomatically Expires after 30 days
Monthly Combo Plan 150150 AED150 Minutes, 2GB local dataDial 101 to activate the packageAutomatically Expires after 30 days

Etisalat International Call Packages

In addition to local call packages, Etisalat offers specialized call packages for international calls to specific countries. Mentioned below are the packages only available for countries in prosperity to UAE, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Philippines, and India; however, cheaper call services are also available for other countries. Now, let’s explore the international call packages provided by Etisalat:

PackagesValidityActivation codeDe-Activation code
International Calls1.05 AED per call*111*1*2*2*1#*111*1*2*2*2#
Nepal0.20 AED per call*111*1*2*2*1#*111*1*2*2*2#
North Africa0.13 AED per call*111*1*2*2*1#*111*1*2*2*2#
List F countries1.89 AED per call*111*1*2*2*1#*111*1*2*2*2#
List E countries1.26 AED per call*111*1*2*2*1#*111*1*2*2*2#
  1. Etisalat Call Package for Afghanistan

Recognizing the importance of communication with Afghanistan, Etisalat offers call packages tailored for individuals with frequent communication needs in this country. These packages provide affordable rates and excellent call quality, ensuring smooth conversations and fostering connections with loved ones in Afghanistan. With flexible duration options, customers can choose a package that suits their requirements.

PackagesPriceDealsValidityActivationDe- activation
ZIAD deal850 AFN850 minutes, 1GB data and 850 SMS30 daysType ZIAD send to 3378Dial 888
Azadi deal650 AFN500 minutes, 100 MB data and 500 SMS30 daysType SAZADI, send to 3378Dial 888

2. Etisalat Call Package for Pakistan

Etisalat understands the significance of staying connected with loved ones in Pakistan and provides a tailored call package. This package offers competitive rates, making it affordable for users to make international calls to Pakistan. With convenient activation methods and excellent call quality, Etisalat ensures an easy and affordable communication experience for its customers.

8 Fils offer2.5 AEDCan contact jazz, zong and UfoneDial *5050#>4>17 days

3. Etisalat Call Package for the Philippines

Considering the strong ties between the UAE and the Philippines, Etisalat offers call packages designed for customers who frequently communicate with their contacts in the Philippines. These packages provide affordable rates and various options to suit different calling patterns. With Etisalat’s Philippines call packages, users can stay connected with their loved ones, no matter the distance.

Call up57 minutes1 days
Call up380 minutes7 days
Call up700 minutes28 days

4. Etisalat Call Package for India

The deep-rooted ties between the UAE and India find expression in Etisalat’s call package designed exclusively for Indian callers. With competitive rates and exceptional call quality, users can effortlessly connect with their friends, family, and business associates in India. Etisalat’s call package for India epitomize the commitment to fostering communication, empowering users to make impactful connections across borders.

500 Minutes International49 AED28 daysDial *135*80#Send “voice” to 1012