The long-awaited feature, allowing users to convert voice messages into text, is finally making strides towards implementation, promising a more efficient communication experience.

WhatsApp is making strides in its video-calling capabilities. The Meta-owned messaging giant is introducing the WhatsApp enhanced video calling feature, which includes a host of new functionalities aimed at improving the user experience and competing with popular platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Meet.

WhatsApp Enhanced Video Calling Feature

The latest update brings a suite of new features to WhatsApp’s video calling. Notably, screen sharing has been introduced, enabling users to share their screens during calls. This feature is perfect for collaborative activities such as watching videos together, providing technical support, or sharing presentations. Alongside visual sharing, audio sharing is also supported, allowing for seamless conversations while viewing the shared screen.

Another major upgrade is the increase in participant count for video calls. WhatsApp now allows up to 32 participants in a single video call, a substantial increase from the previous limit of eight. The enhancement is expected to make WhatsApp a more attractive option for large group meetings, family gatherings, and virtual events, particularly given the rise in remote communication.

Moreover, the speaker spotlight feature ensures that the person speaking is prominently displayed and highlighted making it easier for participants to follow the conversation and identify who is currently talking. While this feature is already common in other video calling platforms, its integration into WhatsApp represents a significant improvement in user experience.

Additional Improvements

In addition to these features, WhatsApp has also upgraded its call quality with the adoption of the MLow codec; this new codec promises clearer audio by improving noise and echo cancellation, making conversations clearer even in noisy environments. Moreover, video calls can now be streamed in higher resolution, provided the user’s network can support the increased data demand.

These enhancements positions WhatsApp as a more competitive option in the crowded video calling market. As remote communication continues to be crucial, the WhatsApp enhanced video calling feature is set to provide users with a richer, more versatile communication experience.

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