Meta layoffs, which are scheduled for Wednesday, have sent ripples through the technology and augmented reality industries, raising queries about Meta's metaverse plans

The wave of tech layoffs continues to surge in 2024, marking another challenging year for the industry. Following notable workforce reductions in 2022 and 2023, this year has already seen 60,000 job cuts across 254 companies, according to Major players like Tesla, Amazon, Google, TikTok, Snap, and Microsoft have all conducted sizable layoffs in the early months of 2024; moreover, numerous smaller startups have also faced cuts, with some shutting down operations entirely. Here is the list of 2024 tech layoffs highlighting the ongoing impact on the sector.

A List of 2024 Tech Layoffs

January 2024

In January, 19,350 employees were laid off across various companies. This marked the beginning of a tough year for tech workers, with layoffs happening at both major corporations and startups.

  • Tesla: Continued its trend of reducing workforce size, impacting numerous teams.
  • Amazon: Cut several thousand jobs as part of a broad restructuring effort.
  • Google: Reduced headcount across multiple departments, including its Cloud division.
  • TikTok: Scaled back its global operations team, affecting hundreds of employees.
  • Snap: Made cuts to its marketing and content teams to simplify operations.

February 2024

February saw 15,589 employees losing their jobs, reflecting the ongoing financial pressures and strategic shifts within the industry.

  • RealPage: Laid off approximately 4% of its workforce to boost growth.
  • Planet: Reduced its workforce by 17%, impacting 180 employees.
  • eBay: Conducted layoffs in Israel as part of a global restructuring.
  • BeReal: Cut a large portion of its staff following an acquisition.
  • Ginkgo Bioworks: Terminated 158 employees with further reductions expected.

The Impact on the Industry

Innovation and Automation

Tracking these layoffs provides insight into the evolving tech innovation and employment scenario; the adoption of AI and automation is a crucial factor, with many roles previously deemed secure now at risk. Companies are increasingly integrating advanced technologies to streamline operations and reduce costs, impacting job security across the board.

Human and Economic Implications

Beyond the numbers, the human impact of these layoffs is profound. Job losses affect individuals and families, creating a ripple effect in communities and economies. The layoffs are a stark reminder of the volatile nature of the tech industry and the potential consequences of rapid technological advancements. They also highlight the need for solid support systems for displaced workers and a reevaluation of employment strategies in the tech sector.

Notable Tech Layoffs in Recent Months

March 2024

In March, 7,403 employees faced layoffs as companies continued to adjust their workforce to align with strategic goals.

  • Dell: Cut 6,000 jobs as part of an effective restructuring.
  • Nintendo of America: Restructured its testing department, ending several contracts but creating new full-time roles.
  • ShopBack: Reduced its workforce by nearly a quarter, impacting 195 roles.
  • Airmeet: Eliminated 20% of its staff in its second round of cuts within a year.
  • Chipper Cash: Conducted layoffs affecting 20 employees.

April 2024

April experienced the highest number of layoffs, with 22,153 employees losing their jobs across various tech companies.

  • Tesla: Made marked cuts to its charging team.
  • Google: Laid off staff from key teams like Flutter, Dart, and Python.
  • Getir: Shut down operations in the U.S., U.K., and Europe, impacting at least 6,000 jobs.
  • Expedia: Reduced headcount at its Austin office for the second time this year.
  • Nike: Planned to eliminate 740 employees at its Oregon headquarters.

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