Telenor SMS Packages: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Telenor Pakistan is one of the leading operators in the country, providing cost-effective telecom services to customers. Telenor is offering its customers very low-priced SMS packages. Here are the complete details of Telenor SMS packages for Telenor Talkshawk users. All the below-mentioned SMS packages have certain terms and conditions from Telenor and will include taxes accordingly.

Telenor SMS Packages (Prepaid)

Daily Telenor SMS Packages

Telenor brings a range of very attractive packages offering hundreds of free SMS at very low rates. The Daily SMS Bundle of Telenor offers 240 free SMS for 24 hours. The price of this package is just PKR 4.78. Dial *345*116# for subscribing to this offer. Users wanting to continue talking to their loved ones longer than 24 hours can go for the 5 Day SMS Bundle, which offers 300 free SMS for 5 days in just PKR 9.5.

Daily SMS Bundle
PriceRs. 4.78 + Tax
Details240 Free SMS
Validity1 Day
Activation Code*345*116# More Details 


5 Day SMS Bundle
PriceRs. 9.5 + Tax
Details300 Free SMS
Validity5 Days
Activation Code*345*015# More Details 


Weekly Telenor SMS Packages

Furthermore, Telenor brings a variety of weekly Telenor SMS packages. The Weekly SMS Bundle offers 2000 SMS for 7 days at PKR 174. Dial *345*117# for subscribing to this offer. In addition to this, Telenor also brings a 15 days package, the 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle by Telenor offers 800 SMS for 15 days at PKR 17. For subscription, dial *345*112#. 

Weekly SMS Bundle
PriceRs. 17 + Tax
Details2000 Free SMS
Validity7 Days
Activation Code*345*117# More Details 


15 Day Economy SMS Bundle
PriceRs. 17 + Tax
Details800 Free SMS
Validity15 Days
Activation Code*345*112# More Details 


Monthly Telenor SMS Packages

Monthly Telenor SMS Packages give you relief for a whole one month and you don’t have to bother about spending the SMS limit or package expiry. The Monthly SMS Bundle of Telenor offers 10,000 SMS along with 1 GB of data for WhatsApp at PKR 60 for one month. Dial *345*363# for subscribing to this offer.

Monthly SMS Bundle
PriceRs. 60 + Tax
Details10,000 Free SMS + 1 GB WhatsApp
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*345*363# More Details 


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