Mr. Mufe™ platform

The usage of social media platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Youtube and Netflix, etc has left behind the traditional media of television. These are the only platforms used for online streaming these days. Keeping into consideration the rising need for online digital platforms and the interest of youth towards it, Malaya United Films™ & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (Pakistan) have decided to launch Pakistan’s first local digital platform Mr. Mufe™ that will act upon the growing expectations of the era.

The entertainment platform goes by the name of Mr. Mufe™ an OTT Platform with its Original, Unique, and New Drama series, Cooking shows, Health shows, Telefilms, children’s programs, sports shows, and much more on a single platform. It will be free for people all across Pakistan.

Making traditional values the key target Mr. Mufe™ offers fresh, relatable family-based content that covers the age group from 9-99 years.

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In addition to it, no ads will be displayed between the programs, only 45 seconds of the ad will be shown towards the start of the program. No further ads will be shown this is a unique feature of the platform unlike any other digital platform in Pakistan. The audience can easily watch the program without interruption.

Mr. Mufe™ is said to be the world’s first digital entertainment platform that provides royalty payments to millions of locals involved in the production of Mr. Mufe™’s Digital contents for the upcoming ten years. The platform will also help Local Entertainment Industry workers to develop skills set that will lead to international levels, also creating more job opportunities in the Local Entertainment Industry to continue their livelihood.

In the initial phase, the platform will start its live streaming in Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, and India. If you are interested in getting more information head over to

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