X, formerly known as Twitter, has announced a shift in its policy by offering free blue ticks to its most influential users at no cost. The change aims to enhance the platform experience for high-profile individuals and promote community engagement. Previously, blue ticks were a paid-for feature, but now they are being distributed for free to users deemed “influential members of the community.”

Premium Free Blue Ticks for Verified Users

Users with over 2,500 verified followers, who are already subscribed to X Premium, are now eligible to receive premium features without any additional charge. Along with the coveted blue tick, these users will enjoy an ad-reduced environment, enhancing their browsing experience on X. Moreover, premium users will see their tweets ranked higher when replying to others, and they can apply for revenue sharing from adverts on the site.

Amidst these changes, X is actively clearing out bots from the platform, which may result in some users noticing a decrease in follower numbers. The initiative stresses X’s commitment to promoting transparency and facilitating genuine interactions among users; by ensuring a more authentic follower base, the platform aims to create a healthier online environment conducive to meaningful conversations and connections.

Enhanced Benefits for Top Influencers

It is pertinent to mention here that individuals with more than 5,000 verified followers have been granted free access to Premium+, which removes almost all adverts and ranks their tweets even higher when replying to another person, this tiered approach to premium features aims to incentivize user engagement and reward those who have a substantial impact on the platform.

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