To improve the lives of small farmers and resolving their issues on priority Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Kisan Portal to give voice to 90 percent of farmers against powerful people. Addressing the launch ceremony of Kisan Portal he said that the government must help farmers because helping them is like helping the whole of Pakistan.

Farmers can reach authorities through the Kisan Portal

Imran khan’s vision to improve agriculture relies heavily on improving the lives of small farmers; “The farmer use to work hard and take his sugarcane to sugar mills and he would be defeated from both sides — first they (sugar mills) made farmers wait in long queued outside sugar mills and they would get low prices”. He added that he will get them(small farmers) the full price of their crop.

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The Kisan Portal launched under the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal consists of a total of 123 dashboards around the federal and provincial levels to help farmers resolve their issues on a priority basis. Additionally, the Kisan card would enable small farmers to get direct subsidies, and directly receive money for subsidised pesticides as well in cases of emergencies. The PM’s Special Assistant, Jamshed Iqbal Cheema said that under the government’s initiative, farmers will get subsidies on seeds, fertilisers and the purchase of agricultural machinery. He also added that the government is focusing on rural development by uplifting farmers and giving them better support prices for their crops.

Training program for farmers

While talking at the launch ceremony PM Imran khan mentioned, the training programmes for farmers along with China to guide them about better farming techniques. He said that Pakistan is blessed with natural resources, which if properly utilized through scientific means, could result in a boom in the agriculture sector.

Source: Express Tribune


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