Google rolls out continuous scrolling feature on mobile search results. The continuous scrolling will end on page four where ‘More Results’ is renamed as ‘See More’. According to Google’s announcement; “The new design is more “intuitive” for users and encourages curiosity in our Information Age. However, “continuous scroll” does not mean “infinite scroll.” This new design will just allow users to view the equivalent of four full pages before a “See More” button appears.”

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The Continuous Scrolling feature allows users to get more ideas and inspiration

Explaining the benefits of continuous scrolling feature Google said in a statement, the new continuous scrolling feature will enable users to get more ideas and inspiration for tasks like cooking. In addition, the new feature allows Google to place more ads that will be seen by its users. According to research, 53% of people use social media, and 42% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 prefer social media for news updates. Changing how Google is used could be attractive for younger generations.

Other aspects of the Google continuous scrolling feature include; larger text, strip back on design elements, colour to highlight significant information. All of these will make search results easier to consume. Design lead, Aileen Cheng, States; “A sense of approachability and familiarity were goals in this new take, leaning into rounder imagery.”

Google and YouTube initiative to curb climate change

Google and YouTube announced a new policy today that aims at cutting off the funding of climate deniers on their platforms. Advertisers won’t be able to stream misinformation about climate change, and those who talk about climate change as a conspiracy won’t be able to monetize their content. It is being considered the largest act by any major platform to limit the damaging content. Google is also collaborating with the UN to add data straight from the UN into search results when users search for “climate change.”

Source: Fortune


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