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In the recent news, students of Pakistan have designed a formula e-car which won second place in an international competition hosted in Russia’s capital city Moscow.

The Formula E-Car Had a Team of 35 Students

As per the competition’s rules, the participants were expected to come up with a vehicle in which a driver could sit. The Pakistani students came runners-up in the competition which was the participation of 20 teams.

A team was composed of 35 students from a private engineering university. The competing also consisted of five females as well. Their remarkable scores were evidence of their hard work and awe-inspiring accomplishment of the formula e-car in the competition.

This Project was a Learning Curve for the Pakistani Students

Furthermore, Uzair Mudassir and Saad Ahmed, who were members of the competing team, appeared on a Pakistani morning show, Bakhabar Savera. The winners discussed their project and achievement in the international competition. Uzair Mudassir, who was a part of the engineering team, stated that designing the formula e-car was a learning curve for them and they want to present a positive image of Pakistan to the world.

He further continued that technology is developing by each day and it was necessary for them to represent Pakistan on a global scale. Moreover, Uzair Mudassir stated that they wanted the world to know that Pakistan has many students who are proficient in the field and have the enthusiasm to move forward.

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Source: Ary News 


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