Pass Track App

Pakistan’s government has brought in a new app named “Pass Track App”.
The application is very beneficial as it will help to manage and maintain a record of passengers arriving from different counties. This will help maintain a record of the spread of Covid’19 as well.

The application is designed in a manner that it will monitor passenger’s health condition. In addition to it, all the passengers are requested to submit their health records on a prior basis, through the mentioned app. No exception will be allowed in any case. The application is said to roll out from 2021.

NITB the National Information Technology Board has developed the application Pass Track App under the supervision of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom, Ministry of Health, and the National Command and Control Center (NCOC).

Data of all the passengers arriving in Pakistan will be maintained by the application through maintaining the digital database for their centralized monitoring and tracking.

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As for the International Passengers’ arrival, they are asked to submit a Covid PCR report and other essential information along with the travel policy amid the pandemic.

To ensure the necessary safety parameters, all the airlines have been guided to check that the passenger traveling has submitted their health-related data via Pass Trck App before traveling to Pakistan.

If any member fails to fulfill the requirement of the government strict actions will be taken on an immediate basis and no exceptions will be entertained.

The form submission regarding the Health Declaration will come to an end from May 1, 2020, upon the arrival of the application. It is mandatory to submit information/data through Pass Track App.

The Application can be downloaded via Google Play Store or Apples’ App Store.

Image Source: Google play 

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