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Reddit set its goals higher by introducing a new platform termed Reddit Talk. Reddit Talk is said to be a Clubhouse rival. The company released a small overview that will leave the audience in curiosity about how the upcoming platform will look like. The company called this a ‘sneak preview’, while the platform is yet to be launched.

The clubhouse is said to be unique, and it stands out from other platforms on behalf of the services it provides. This is urging many other leading social media platforms to join the race, as a result, few platforms have started working to develop a similar kind of platform such as Twitter Spaces by Twitter. Facebook is also looking into developing its audio platform soon.

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Similarly, Reddit is exploring new features to embed them into the platform. Initially, audio chats or talks will be ‘live’ within subreddits, says Reddit.

Initially, only people associated with the subreddit will be able to access features like organizing a meeting. It is said that only the host of that meeting will be able to invite, mute, and remove speakers. Along with that all the IOS, as well as Android users, will be able to access these features as Reddit is expanding its feature on both platforms.

Well, this is not it to the updates, as in the new feature, Reddit is figuring out new ways to incorporate in the platform that will help the host customize the usage of emojis and background colors. This is Reddit’s way of adding more color and flair to the service itself.

Reddit is not the only one to join the race, also many other platforms are trying to Ace the competition by looking out for methods to design similar or better platforms in this particular domain.

Image Source: The Verge

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