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Google’s Duet AI has taken a giant leap forward, transforming the email composition experience within Gmail. This revelation comes as a highlight of the announcements made during Google Cloud Next ’23 event. The revolutionary AI companion Duet AI, is now available for Workspace users, and its expanded capabilities are set to redefine how emails are drafted and customized. With smooth integration into Gmail, Duet AI brings enhanced convenience and personalization to the email composition process.

Redefining Email Drafting with Google’s Duet AI

Gmail users are in for a game-changing experience as Duet AI extends its prowess to email drafting. A notable feature enhancement is the “Help me write” button, which becomes accessible to users trialing Duet AI on both web and mobile platforms; this button introduces a range of writing assistance options that empower users to tailor their emails with unprecedented ease.

Duet AI leverages the context gleaned from previous email conversations to draft contextually relevant messages. It delves into the user’s existing communication history to construct replies that naturally fit into ongoing discussions. This advancement saves time and ensures that the email’s tone and content align perfectly with the conversation at hand.

Transcending Boundaries in Customization

The capabilities of Duet AI extend beyond contextual drafting. Users can now manipulate the tone of their emails, making them sound more formal or adjusting the level of detail in the message. If brevity is preferred, Duet AI also allows for concise email creation. Adding a touch of playfulness, the “I’m feeling Lucky” feature offers users a variety of creative variations on tone and style for their drafted email content, adding an element of customization to the process.

Furthermore, Google’s innovation extends beyond email into the realm of document creation. A similar “Help me write” feature is set to grace Google Docs, empowering users to modify content tones, summarize sections, enhance formatting, and more. Whether through pre-defined styles or personalized instructions, Duet AI offers an array of tools to elevate content refinement.

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