The globally known blockchain solutions provider, Fantom Foundation, will soon be collaborating with the Pakistan Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA) to introduce a blockchain-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.


The new software that was originally described as a Database Management suite for product experiments will facilitate real-time database reports and data oversight at the concerned educational institutions.


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The current implementation of the software will work as a trial to observe how competently the technology can benefit the organization. Following a successful run in Islamabad, the system will be used across the country. This will improve the efficiency of record-keeping and data management across the area for educators and for students in the private schooling system.


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Displaying his delight for the alliance with PEIRA, Fantom’s Operations Chief, Barek Sekandari, said, “Our ERP/CRM products bring transparency and accountability to the complex database systems used by civic and governmental organizations. We note that our solutions align with the broad trend in Pakistan, encouraged by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government, towards the adoption of new technology to increase efficiency and oversight, and we look forward to helping more organizations in this transformation.”


Private education establishments in Pakistan already have an advantage over government-funded plans. They serve as the majority of educational facilities, but because they operate from the funding, they have to cut back in some areas to ensure their enterprise can continue smoothly. However, Blockchain technology as a solution is not a cutback, but a more reasonable improvement into how their managerial practices will work. The technology of Fantom technology can assist in implementing more privatized learning across Pakistan so that it becomes more broadly obtainable to more students.


Source: Pro Pakistani

Image Source: Phemex


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