Dr. Hatim Zaghloul a Muslim inventor is an honored figure in the telecommunications industry, as he and his business associate and co-inventor, Dr. Michel Fattouche, had invented Wifi that transformed the world.

In the year 1992, Dr. Zaghloul and Dr. Michel Fattouche founded Wi-LAN Inc and the corporation is the patent possessor for technologies invented by Dr. Zaghloul and Dr. Fattouche, including Wide-band Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (WOFDM) and Multi-code Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (MCDSSS).

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Dr. Zaghloul is presently the founder of Inovatian, a company that works on 6G with blockchain technology. He intends to transform communications again with modern technologies and solve the predicament of the world’s growing digital divide.

“It takes internet from one router and distributes to its users and gives it to another router very efficiently,” says Zaghloul. “Nowadays wifi is at a rate of 1.3 gigabits per second. For 15,000 people, that’s a good enough rate. So, we can cover towns very inexpensively.”

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Zaghloul intends to utilize a mesh network, named InoMesh, in which wifi routers will serve as nodes transmitting connectivity to other routers included in the network; similar to the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing works, the router is both the recipient and transmitter of data to other users. That indicates subscribers can also earn credit should they consume less data than they transmit.

According to the inventor, half of the world has never used the internet for communications. He feels that this issue due to technology being too expensive. Under Zaghloul’s design, user profiles will be collected on the blockchain, so they won’t need to download full-fledged apps. “My access to the international internet is minimized because I’m caching a lot of apps, a lot of social media locally,” he says.

Image Source: 6G Forum

Source: Startup Pakistan


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