Blockchain technology

Stack Pakistan is a well-known firm working on developing secure applications and smart contracts involving Bitcoins. As per the recent announcement, LUMS, Lahore University of Management Sciences has collaborated with Stack Pakistan to design a number of academic programs involving blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Dr. Zartashi, a LUMS Associate Professor found stating that “The collaboration with Stacks is another big step in our mission of embracing the impactful technologies into our curriculum and research agenda,”.  This is a unique collaboration among blockchain firms and Pakistani Universities.

Dr. Ihsan Ayyub Qazi, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, LUMS and the PI at the National Center for Big Data and Cloud Computing added by saying, “The vision of Stacks is exciting, timely and very much needed as we enter the fourth industrial revolution where the ability to define and exchange digital assets in a transparent manner will be a key technology. This will not only enable new business models but is also expected to usher in a new era of novel distributed applications over the blockchain. Stacks Pakistan is laying the foundations for this change and will immensely benefit Pakistan.”

This unique collaboration is a step towards opening doors of advancement for individuals Nationwide. A lot is to be seen after the collaboration comes into existence.

The founder of Stacks Pakistan – Muneeb Ali, added, “This new collaboration on crypto can prepare the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs to architect the next generation of the internet by leveraging the blockchain technology.”

This initiative is also to identify the need of regulating cryptocurrency in Pakistan. Last year KPK legalized cryptocurrency. The nation is looking forward to other provincial governments expecting the same outcome as well as federal government.

Image Source: Techjuice

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