United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched a unified AI-powered chatbot for government services called 'U-Ask'

Microsoft President Brad Smith said that his biggest concern around artificial intelligence is deepfakes; the content that looks real but is actually fake is becoming increasingly common these days. Smith emphasized, “We need to take steps to prevent tampering with legitimate content and attempts to defraud through the use of artificial intelligence.”

Deepfakes Issue Needs to be Addressed

Smith said that we have to address the issues around deep fakes. He said that people needed to be held accountable for any problems caused by AI and he urged lawmakers to ensure that safety brakes be put on AI as the government used to control the electric grid, water supply, and other critical infrastructure so that humans remain in control. “We’re going to have to address in particular what we worry about most foreign cyber influence operations, the kinds of activities that are already taking place by the Russian government, the Chinese, the Iranians,” he said.

Smith called for licensing the most critical forms of AI with obligations to protect security, physical security, cybersecurity, and national security. “We will need a new generation of export controls, at least the evolution of the export controls we have, to ensure that these models are not stolen or not used in ways that would violate the country’s export control requirements,” he said.

Altman Testifies at US Congress About Misuse of AI

Sam Altman, the company’s chief executive that created ChatGPT, admits AI can be misused to provide interactive disinformation during the elections. “I am nervous about it,” OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman said about elections; he said government intervention would be critical to mitigating the risks of increasingly powerful AI systems. Josh Hawley, a US Senator for Missouri, said, “We could be looking at one of the most significant technological innovations in human history.”

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