Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), in collaboration with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) have conducted a number of different successful raids in Punjab and Sindh against illegal internet service providers in order to combat the illegal provision of internet services.“PTA continues its determined efforts to eliminate illegal provision of #internet services. In this regard, PTA, in coordination with the FIA , successfully conducted raids in Daharki, District Ghotki and Johar Town, Lahore,” tweeted PTA.

Raids on Illegal Internet Service Providers to Protect the Interests of the National Exchequer

The elimination of illegal internet services is crucial in preventing tax evasion and revenue misreporting, which pose significant challenges to the national economy. The collaborative joint operations provide a stronger enforcement mechanism to tackle this issue head-on and protect the interests of the national exchequer. This step will help consumers avoid sudden discontinuation of service and contribute to a transparent and thriving telecommunications sector.

Both departments conducted successful raids in Daharki, District Ghotki, and Johar Town, Lahore, disrupting illicit operations. As per details, the illegal internet service provider operating in Ghotki had its office at Zafar Bazar Road; PTA confiscated all equipment from the Ghotki office but failed to make any arrests. On the other hand, the raid conducted in Johar Town Lahore resulted in two arrests and the confiscation of equipment such as switches and routers.

Earlier, the raids were made at two different locations in Lahore where equipment running two Internet Service Providers was confiscated. In Rawalpindi, authorities found an internet provider working despite their license having expired; these raids had been made for tax theft and misreporting revenue.

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