Bfreeze - Sustainable Air Conditioning for Everyone

Pakistani Startup Bfreeze is among the 11 startups to receive $100k from The Hult Prize Foundation for the year 2020 of ‘Bold businesses for a better planet’.

The Hult Prize is an initiative to crowdsource ideas/innovations coming from the university graduates to promote solving pressing social problems related to education, food, security and energy etc.

The team comprises of recent graduates from NUST who designed an air conditioner having an ability to bring 1 ton of cooling in merely 200 watts.

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NUST holds a unique name in the areas of research and development and is believed to be the only Pakistani university to make to top 300 universities of the world thanks to its state of art campus and investment in the areas of research.

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Bfreeze is based on a technology to remove moisture from air which is cooled down before this step using indirect evaporation. It then re-cools the air down to achieve required temperature level.

The Air Conditioner and its underlying technology is believed to be eco-friendly and cost-savvy since it uses alot less energy as compared to commonly available air conditioners in the market and hence has grabbed an attention from Hult Prize by winning an amount of $100k. Startups such as Bfreeze are being envisaged to disrupt the local market thanks to innovative ideas and technology being used.

The Team further stated on their social Media Page “With Bfreeze developing low-cost and eco-friendly air-conditioning systems, we are now well on our way to influence the start-up community to be more socially aware and impact focused.

We’d like to thank all of you for the love and support. It wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing Bfreeze community. As we move forward now, we need more support to build a greener future and make our planet a better place for our next generations.”


Image Source : Bfreeze Social Media Page


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