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Keeping user’s privacy the utmost priority Twitter has decided to release its Two-Factor Authentication soon. Nowadays, many companies are looking into security matters keenly and are constantly working on their methods to increase security. The same initiative is soon to be taken by social media platform Twitter.

The future update of Twitter will only allow User’s account authentication via Two- Factor Authentication using that as a security key.

The current process of Twitter involves the use of a security key to sign in to their respective Twitter accounts, soon the process will be consisting of Two- Factor Authentication like authenticator app or SMS codes which would be enabled as a backup.

The statement on the official Twitter account states that: “Protecting your account on all of your devices is important. We’ve updated two-factor authentication so you can now log in with your physical security key on Android and iOS, like on a desktop.”

There are even more authentication methods such as Google Authenticator or Authy that are more secure than the use of SMS codes for 2FA, the keys that’s can be used to secure your accounts online by attaching USB or Bluetooth to your devices. The need for typing codes can be replaced with help of such methods as these methods can easily be affected by malicious third parties.

This method also leads to several advantages, such as Users no more will have to give confidential information like their phone numbers to Twitter in order to get their accounts created. This is not it Twitter will also allow multiple security keys on a single account. Moreover, in December, Twitter announced it was adding support for security keys for 2FA-enabled accounts when users log in to its mobile apps.

There is no fixed date to when this feature will be released and begin to be the part of the platform.

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