The world’s biggest and best-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin further decreased by 8.9% reaching a value of $34,156 on Sunday, losing $3,344.54 from its earlier close. Bitcoin is down 47.4% from this year’s height of $64,895.22 on April 14. Ether, the coin associated with the Ethereum blockchain system, fell 11.5% to $2,031.96 on Sunday, down $264.35 from its previous close.

A rebound in bitcoin held steady on Thursday, even as the US Treasury Department asked for new rules that would entail considerable cryptocurrency transfers to be notified to the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve flagged the uncertainties cryptocurrencies posed to monetary durability.

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The remarks from US executives appeared one day after a major sell-off on concerns over stronger ordinance in China and unease over the degree of leveraged positions amongst investors dropped the world’s largest digital currency to its lowest level since late January.

Furthermore, Bitcoin depreciated after the Tesla Inc’s CEO announcing in May that Tesla would no longer allow bitcoin for car purchases, causing long-brewing environmental concerns for a sudden turnabout in the firm’s view on the cryptocurrency.

“It is no surprise that governments are not inclined to give up their monetary monopolies. Throughout history, governments first regulate and then take ownership,” Deutsche Bank macro tactician Marion Laboure addressed in a May 20 article titled “Bitcoin: Trendy Is the Last Stage Before Tacky.” “As cryptocurrencies begin to seriously compete with regular currencies and fiat currencies, regulators and policymakers will crackdown.”

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In addition to it, a mid-week report from blockchain analysis company, Chainalysis revealed over half of the $410 billion spent on procuring present Bitcoin holdings transpired in the last 12 months. Around $110 billion of that was used on acquiring it at an average cost of less than $36,000 per coin. This suggests that the vast majority of investments are not securing a profit unless the coin trades at $36,000 or higher.

Source: Reuters


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