PakStockPhoto, an image library for Pakistan, has allied with All Pakistan-China Friendship Association (APCFA) and Beijing People’s Association for Friendship to promote Pakistan by visuals during China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) hosted in Beijing.


It was established by Saqib Riaz and Abid Azam, the company intends to support marketers, publishers, and content generators to provide high-quality localized content by employing authorized pictures available on the platform. In the absence of a limited stock image library, Pakistani companies have been depending on content from our neighboring country India, which has occurred in the absence of enactment of Pakistan on digital space and advertisement avenues.


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PakStockPhoto’s photo demonstration titled “Promoting Pakistan Tourism and Culture” is being carried out using virtual platforms and is part of the festivities of the 70th anniversary of founding diplomatic associations between Pakistan and China.


“Exposure and education are key to promote tourism in Pakistan,” says Abid Azam, one of the founders of PakStockPhoto. “By showcasing Pakistan’s natural beauty and alleviating their doubts through the right information, we can easily become the top tourist destination in the region,” he added.


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Presently, Pakstockphoto is striving towards the purpose of showcasing Pakistan through paramount photographs and storytelling as a method to draw in investments and tourist culture in Pakistan. The photo exhibition intends to educate Chinese investors concerning Pakistan’s culture, heritage, and diversity. 


This will further support the nation to bring more investment from China and to the rest of the world. It displays a collection of 85 works of 37 artists from across Pakistan, representing the diverse aspects of Pakistan’s appeal and cultural heritage.


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Source: TechJuice


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