WhatsApp Channels—a social media-style update feed that is eliciting mixed reactions from its users.

WhatsApp is working on the ability to transfer WhatsApp chat history without having to depend on Google Drive. As per WABetaInfo, the instant messaging platform will soon let soon users simply scan a QR code on a new device to securely transfer their WhatsApp chats, without having to back up the chat on Google Drive.

WhatsApp Chat History Feature Being Rolled Out to Beta Testers

As per details, some lucky beta testers already have the feature that is expected to help them transfer chat histories without much of a hassle. “WhatsApp beta for Android version has added the ability to transfer chats easily on the messaging platform. The option would work by going to Settings>Chats>Chat Transfer. This is unlike what we have been doing forever – backup the chats on Google Drive and then register on a new device via OTP and restore the chats via the backed-up chats or data on Google Drive,” reads WABetaInfo’s blog post.

The screenshot shared by the publication also shows the chat transfer option being available within WhatsApp Settings > Chats and it allows users to migrate their chat history to a new Android device. After selecting the option, the user will have to scan the provided QR code to start the process of migrating their chat history to the new Android device.

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