legacy blue tick users

Twitter legacy blue tick users experienced something unusual when they got their blue ticks back just by editing their bio, however, the tick was gone once the page was refreshed. As pointed out by Ali Segel in a tweet, which reads; “I just wrote “former blue check” in my bio and then a blue check appeared next to my name.”

Trick to Bring Back the Verified Mark for Twitter Legacy Blue Tick Users

It should be noted that on 20th April, Elon Musk finally removed all legacy verified accounts with Blue check marks but allowed some celebrities to retain them. But, Twitter users found a trick where they can get their verified mark back in a few simple steps.

Just adding the former blue check to the bio brings back the verification tick mark for the users who were previously verified, which does seem like a coding error. Ever since Musk fired much of the Twitter staff its digital infrastructure is failing badly with users reporting multiple errors or glitches in the application.

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