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Twitter is a game-changer in terms of its features, and as we all know Twitter is the best when it comes to the user interface. It has the best outcomes for engaging with tweets. Well, this is not, as Twitter is testing some new emoji feature recently.

The Company is closely monitoring and conducting surveys for a month on how a set of new emoji-style reactions will be entertaining its users, similar to what can be seen on Facebook.

“We’re exploring additional ways for people to express themselves in conversations happening on Twitter,” a Twitter spokesperson said of the survey.

The survey happens to give a good amount of responses, through which the emojis used mostly are being listed. The list includes: the heart (like), laughing face with tears (funny), thinking face (interesting), and crying face (sad).

This helps in manipulating the previous emoji set bringing in some new variations such as the “awesome” sentiment can be replaced with the shocked face or fire emoji and the “support” sentiment could be replaced with either the hug emoji or the raised hands.

Not only this Twitter is also thinking of a way for its users to express their thoughts about tweets with either a thumbs up or thumbs down, a “100” in either green or red to indicate “agree” or “disagree,” or a green up arrow icon or red down arrow icon, reminiscent of Reddit’s upvote and downvote mechanisms, as reported in the story covered by Techcrunch.

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The survey questions are designed in a manner that demonstrates Twitter is well aware of how introducing emoji reactions that could imply negative sentiments. The survey also asked its audience to review downvote or dislike, for example, whether they would react instead of replying to a tweet, or whether they would downvote irrelevant or offensive tweets, as well.

Another question from the feedback asked how a user would react if their tweets were downloaded will they stop tweeting in the future or do they take it as a constructive addition to the features.

Twitter is well aware of how Users will react to the introduction of a new emoji set, it will be a big change in the environment people are familiar with when it comes to Twitter, also things can turn out to be negative if people become overly concerned about having their tweets downvoted.

Back in 2015 Facebook introduced expanded emoji reaction and many other social media platforms are seen adopting it.

Twitter with the help of the survey asked its user what they think about the replacement of emojis like whether negative reaction counts should be visible, for instance.

Twitter has not yet constructed its emoji reaction set neither has Twitter started any testing, therefore the process seems to be on its initial level.

The user’s recent request to test emoji reactions instead of just hearts was responded to by Twitter Chief Design Officer Dantley Davis, “we’ll have something for you soon.”

Image Credit: Techcrunch 

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