Fake delivery package scam is still rampant, deceiving users with fraudulent messages about undelivered packages. These scams bait people by warning them of blocked shipments and luring them into clicking on malicious links. Many users have fallen victim to this scheme, with numerous reports emerging on social media platforms.

How the Fake Delivery Package Scam Works

The fake delivery package scam typically begins with an SMS claiming that a delivery package cannot be completed due to an incorrect address. The message urges the recipient to click on a provided link to update their address information, this link, however, leads to a fraudulent website designed to steal personal information or install malicious software on the user’s device.

A telltale sign of these scams is the use of a link shortener to conceal the true destination of the URL. Genuine delivery services, such as Amazon or FedEx, would not use random short links or send messages from unverified phone numbers. For instance, companies like Daraz explicitly state incomplete addresses during the order process and contact customers through official channels for any issues, rather than using random SMS notifications.

How to Protect Yourself

Users must remain vigilant to protect themselves from these ongoing scams. Avoid clicking on links in unsolicited messages claiming to be from delivery services. Instead, directly check the status of your orders through the official websites or apps of the companies you’ve purchased from.

Moreover, installing security apps like Google Messages can help identify and report scam messages. Educating friends and family about these scams can also prevent them from falling victim. Always remember that legitimate companies will never ask for personal information or payment details through random SMS links.

Stay cautious, verify messages, and safeguard your personal information to thwart these pervasive fake delivery package scams.

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