Twitter launched Full-sized Photos Preview for web, which means users will no longer have to click on an image to see the full-sized photos.

Twitter rolls out a much-anticipated feature that will no longer crop single images on the web, which means that users will no longer have to click on an image to see the full-sized photos on the web. It is the part of the same problematic update of Twitter’s algorithmic image cropping that was used to fit images into preview boxes.

Full-sized photos roll out for Twitter web

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced full-sized photos with improved cropping controls for its mobile, making plenty of photographers and other visual artists happy that the social network was suddenly a much friendlier platform for sharing their work. The changes result in much larger images and videos that look better in the feed and cleaner rather than being offset by a pretty large margin toward the left.

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The development came as Twitter lands in a racial controversy, where users noticed that Twitter’s auto-cropping algorithm may favor white faces over Black faces, resulting in a crop that shows white faces more prominently. Twitter investigated the issue and found that the auto-crop algorithm wasn’t very biased but the company still deactivated it. The researchers found that the algorithm chose to crop to white women over black women 7 percent of the time, and white men over black men 2 percent of the time, with an overall 4 percent preference for white individuals.

A visually interesting space

The new full-sized photos feature will make the micro-blogging site a visually interesting space. The tweets with images generate a lot more user interest, due to their variable size and display. It also means that you no longer need to try and calculate the right dimensions to ensure that users can see your attached image in the timeline.

Source: The Verge


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