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Meta’s Threads app experienced a surge in popularity, attracting over 100 million sign-ups within the first days of its launch. However, recent data suggest that the initial hype surrounding the Twitter alternative app has faded, resulting in a significant decline in traffic and user engagement.

Decline in Daily Active Users

According to SimilarWeb, the internet analytics provider, traffic to the Threads app for Android users has been steadily decreasing. On 7th July, just a day after the app’s official launch, there were 49.3 million users accessing Threads. However, by 10th July, the number of daily active users dropped to 36.6 million. This represents a considerable decline in the app’s popularity within a short span of time.

Additionally, users’ time spent on Threads also experienced a sharp drop. In the US, users spent an average of about 20 minutes on the app on 6th July, but this figure plummeted to just over 8 minutes on 10th July. A similar trend was observed globally, indicating a lack of sustained interest among users. Interestingly, while Threads garnered substantial activity in the US, where users engaged with the app for about 21 minutes on 7th July, this number drastically reduced to a little over 6 minutes by 14th July. The absence of Threads in key markets, such as the EU, may have contributed to its concentrated usage in the US.

Waning Interest in Twitter Alternative App

SensorTower, another app usage tracking company, supports SimilarWeb’s findings, reporting a 20% decrease in daily active users on Threads compared to the previous Saturday. Furthermore, the time spent on the app decreased by a significant 50%.On its most successful day, 7th July, Threads had over 49 million daily active users worldwide, accounting for approximately 45% of Twitter’s Android user base, with over 109 million active users that day. However, Threads experienced a significant decline within a week, with daily active users dropping to 23.6 million, making up only 22% of Twitter’s audience.

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