The caretaker Sindh Government has introduced Pakistan’s first teaching license test, aiming to elevate the standard of education by ensuring a higher caliber of educators in public schools. The initiative, marked by the creation of grade-16 posts for BEd graduates, seeks to foster a culture of teaching excellence in the province.

Application Process and Eligibility for Pakistan’s First Teaching License Test

With the introduction of the teaching license test, the Sindh government has opened new avenues for educators. Successful candidates will be eligible for grade-16 elementary teacher positions, aligning with the provincial recruitment rules. The strategic step emphasizes the importance of professionalizing the teaching profession and signifies a commitment to quality education.

The Sukkur Institute of Business Administration’s Testing Services is accepting online test applications until January 11, 2024, through Eligible candidates, particularly BEd secondary graduates, will have the opportunity to apply for the Teaching Licence (Secondary) in subsequent testing cycles, adding flexibility to the licensing process.

Policy Background

Caretaker Sindh Minister for Education Rana Hussain, speaking at the launch ceremony, expressed pride in Sindh being the pioneer in implementing the teaching licence. Encouraging teachers to leverage this opportunity, Minister Hussain emphasized that the licensing test can be taken at three designated test centers – Karachi, Hyderabad, or Sukkur – on weekends to minimize disruptions to normal teaching schedules.

The introduction of the teaching licence aligns with the Sindh Teaching Licence Policy approved in May of the previous year. The policy aims to attract talented individuals to the teaching profession, mirroring the rigor and respect enjoyed by other skill-based professions. This transformative step is backed by extensive research and consultation, including a year-long effort led by the Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development.

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