FBR) is considering the suggestions of the Pakistan Mobile Phone Traders Association to reduce the duty on mobile phones

The mobile phone prices in Pakistan have been reduced by 25 percent as the government has withdrawn the regulatory duty on imported mobile phones. The President of the Electronic Dealers Association, Rizwan Irfan has confirmed that the prices of imported mobiles have started getting cheaper in the market after removing the regulatory duty.

Citizens Hail the Decrease in Mobile Phone Prices in Pakistan

The citizens welcomed the news and they appreciated the government for reducing mobile phone prices in Pakistan as it had become almost impossible to afford an average smartphone. According to the EDA President, after removing regulatory duty, a mobile worth Rs30,000 will become Rs22,500.

He also informed that the demand for local mobile phones has significantly decreased however an increase in the market for Non-PTA phones was observed since the removal of the regulatory duties will reduce the prices of the improved mobile phones in Pakistan. The government also informed that the duty tax on old and new cars, home appliances, meat, high-tech mobile phones, footwear, furniture, dog and cat food, and ice cream has also been reduced.

Import Ban Incapacitated Pakistan

The import ban imposed by Pakistan on various goods has had significant impacts on the country’s economy. The ban has caused shortages of essential goods, increased inflation, and affected businesses that rely on imports for their operations. This has led to a decrease in the country’s competitiveness in the global market and a slowdown in its economic growth. To address these challenges in the future, Pakistan may need to adopt more sustainable policies to promote domestic production and reduce its dependence on imports.

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