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Instagram Threads, the text-based social networking app under Meta’s umbrella, has achieved a notable milestone by surpassing 130 million monthly active users, as Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed during the company’s Q4 earnings announcement.

Threads Surpass 130 Million Monthly Active Users, Up 30M From Q3

Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the steady growth of Threads, emphasizing that it now boasts more active users than during its initial launch peak. Despite facing challenges and explosive growth before Meta was fully prepared, Threads has become a notable success within Meta’s diverse portfolio of social media platforms.

Zuckerberg’s optimistic projections for Threads were reaffirmed in the previous quarter, where he expressed confidence in the app’s potential to reach 1 billion users within a few years; this announcement comes as part of Meta’s vaster success, with its family of apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, collectively used by 3.19 billion people daily and 3.98 billion monthly active users in Q4.

Threads is Here to Stay!

In recent weeks, Threads has demonstrated its resurgence, tripling its downloads in December and claiming the No. 6 spot among the most downloaded apps globally. Leveraging Instagram’s friend graph, Threads initially experienced rapid growth, reaching 100 million registered users within its first five days last July; while the app faced a decline in interest, strategic promotion by Meta, including showcasing Threads’ viral posts on Facebook, has revitalized its popularity.

Zuckerberg’s comments aim to dispel concerns about Threads’ downturn, with critics prematurely declaring its demise. Contrary to speculations, third-party trackers estimate Threads’ total user base to be around 160 million. Alongside this positive news, Meta’s robust financial performance for Q4 2023, reporting $40.1 billion in revenue and net income of $14.02 billion, further solidifies its position as a tech giant.

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