Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja has assured the public that there is no contemplation of an internet shutdown on the election day, February 8. Addressing concerns amid an uptick in terrorist attacks on political events, the CEC, after a comprehensive security meeting, emphasized the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) commitment to conducting the elections on time with tight security measures in place.

Security Assurance Amidst Rising Threats

In the face of a challenging security situation marked by recent attacks on political parties and rallies, the electoral body expressed its resolve and readiness to manage the polls securely. The CEC stated that the necessary arrangements, including the deployment of law enforcement and military personnel, would be made to ensure a peaceful electoral process.

Responding to queries, CEC Raja affirmed that the Election Management System (EMS) would operate offline in the event of any internet disruption. Dismissing speculations, he emphasized the certainty of conducting the polls on February 8 without resorting to communication shutdowns—a measure often employed for safety.

Provincial Standpoint on Internet Shutdown on Election Day

Sindh caretaker Information Minister Ahmed Shah clarified that there is no decision to suspend internet and communication services in the province on election day. Shah assured the public of the caretaker government’s readiness for the upcoming elections and detailed security measures, highlighting the deployment of personnel at polling stations.

With less than a week until the polls, the country remains on high alert, with security heightened across regions. The intensified security measures come in response to a series of violent incidents, raising concerns about the safety of political events. Despite challenges, election campaigns continue, emphasizing the need for a secure and peaceful electoral environment.

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