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Meta has approved changes to the Threads app, granting users the ability to delete their Threads account without losing their connected Instagram account. Previously, users faced frustration as it was impossible to delete Threads independently, necessitating the deletion of the linked Instagram profile as well. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri acknowledges user concerns and announced the much-awaited feature to enhance user control over their social media presence.

Deleting Threads Without Losing Instagram: A Game-Changing Update

Addressing a longstanding grievance, the new feature allows Threads users to delete their accounts without impacting their associated Instagram profiles. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri shared this change on Threads, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing users with more autonomy over their social media experience. The move is expected to alleviate user frustration and enhance the appeal of the Threads app.

Originally touted as a potential “Twitter-killer,” Threads faced challenges in maintaining its initial, impressive growth. In October, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, disclosed that the app had garnered approximately 100 million monthly users three months after its July launch—a notable decrease of more than half. Initially positioned as a direct competitor to Elon Musk’s Twitter alternative, X, Threads launched without several key features, including search and direct messaging, which are standard on competing platforms. The app drew substantial criticism for its lack of a crucial function—users couldn’t fully delete a Threads account without simultaneously removing the associated Instagram account, leading to backlash.

Regulatory Oversight Spurs Meta’s Proactive Response

The inability to independently delete Threads accounts had drawn regulatory attention, with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) highlighting the need for users to have the option to delete Threads profiles without affecting their Instagram accounts. Meta’s response to these concerns reflects a broader commitment to addressing user feedback and regulatory expectations. Additionally, Meta announced that Threads users will soon have the option to opt out of automatic sharing of posts to Instagram and Facebook, responding to user demands for greater control over their content-sharing experience.

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