A few days back, the famous Canadian brand Tim Hortons’ started its operations in Pakistan by opening a branch in Lahore. To everyone’s surprise, Tim Hortons’ Pakistan broke all devious records as they recorded the highest opening day sales in 61 years. The internationally famed actor Farhan Saeed tweeted, “There are 2 Pakistan(s), one that are in queue of utility stores for aata & ghee, & the other is at #TimHortons. It scares me, that there is nothing in the middle scares me.”

Netizens Reacted to Tim Hortons’ Pakistan Record-Breaking Sales

Many Twitter users churned out sarcastic tweets in response to the long queues formed outside the newly opened branch of the Canadian brand as the country battles the worst economic crisis. A user wrote, “As the first day sale of Tim hortons in Pakistan breaks record of most sales in the world, The world must be laughing at us, we are at brink of default, our people are dying of hunger but let’s enjoy an overpriced cup of ordinary taste coffee.” Another user curiously asked, “New record of sale on first day Tim Hortons in Lahore Pakistan, we are really at default Risk?” Zulfiqar Ahmed wrote, “A country where people spend over 1000 billion rupees every year on weddings, some people are worried about the record breaking sales of Tim Hortons.”

A Cash-strapped Country Who is At the Verge of Default

It should be noted that Pakistan is battling the worst economic crisis, with the foreign exchange reserves being reduced to negligible size, and the country is asking for loans from the IMF in order to run state-related affairs. The rupee is constantly fighting to maintain a place against the US Dollar, but the economic situation is making it difficult for the currency to survive. In such dire circumstances, a long queue outside a mere coffee brand paints a different picture of the current economy, where people or the upper class do not seem to be affected by inflation and increased commodity prices.

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