No matter which pair of AirPods a person is having, the second-generation version, the AirPods Pro, or the AirPods Max, earbuds can get misplaced, lost, or even carried away by the house pet. Tiny earbuds, particularly, can fall between couch cushions, pushed under furniture, or get stuck deep into a pocket.

In this case, Apple’s Find My app is a great help. It is built into every iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Mostly used to play a sound to locate respective Apple devices around the home or any other place.

Situation 1: AirPods are in their case, charged, and in Bluetooth range

This situation sounds a bit too ideal when a person loses its AirPods, however, it is not. When AirPods are in their cases, the signals face interference, while using the most useful of Find My app, the ‘Play Sound’ function, therefore, this feature cannot help here.

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Since the pods are locked in the case, we cannot depend on our hearing but in this case, a user can check the last online location on the map. This option is available in Find My app and is also favorable when the pods are dead.

Situation 2: A person loses only the AirPods, charged, and in Bluetooth range

This is the most optimal scenario where a person loses its AirPods, while they are out of the case and still have a sufficient amount of battery. Then, the user can use the ‘Play Sound’ function of the Find My App and acquire the misplaced items.

Situation 3: A person loses just one AirPod or both of them in two different locations

Losing both the AirPods in two different locations might get out of hand sometimes. In this case, a user can’t get back its AirPods using the ‘Play Sound’ function, but navigating through the maps option could result in a positive outcome.

First, the user can track the first AirPod the map shows, after retrieving it the user needs to place it back in the case and refresh the map. Now, the user can begin its search for the second AirPod using the map.

Source: Mashable Pakistan

Image Source: TechXplore


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