Whether a person is a professional photographer or just has a nag of photography as a hobby spend thousands of bucks on the purchase of a camera. Now if the device is stolen or lost, could result in major loss or setback. To overcome this problem, a British software engineer, Matt Burns, created a platform that finds cameras, the 

This site takes utilizes the hidden EXIF metadata that is attached to every photo a user takes with the digital camera (e.g., make, model, date, and serial number), and searches the web scanning for new photographs that might have been uploaded from a camera with the very same serial number. All the user has to do is drag and drop a saved JPEG photograph that has been clicked from the missing camera and the platform extracts the EXIF data and presents it for matching. 

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In case if the person does not have a picture clicked by the missing camera then the user can upload the serial number, the user can further manually enter the number to be searched. 

Furthermore, the site has also integrated Google Maps as a function that enables the users to pinpoint lost, stolen, or found cameras. You can do a basic search for free, or sign up for Pro or Business schemes which provide more search results and search for more data points, such as lens serial number and copyright, presenting them to be useful for pro shooters looking to protect their copyrights.

Image Source: Free Pik


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