Google's Search Generative Experience allows users to create images by simply typing a query into the Google search bar

Google is introducing a feature in its search engine that displays a wave of creativity – Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE); this innovative tool allows users to generate AI images directly from text prompts. Google is taking a page from Microsoft’s playbook, following the path of AI-generated imagery. SGE is set to change the way we search, enabling users to translate words into visual art.

Google’s Search Generative Experience: A New Era in Image Generation

Google’s Search Generative Experience allows users to create images by simply typing a query into the Google search bar; this AI-powered tool relies on the Imagen family of AI models to generate images based on text prompts. For example, a user can enter a query like “draw an image of a capybara wearing a chef’s hat and cooking breakfast,” and SGE will produce corresponding images. Furthermore, users can refine their queries to guide the image generation process, resulting in a personalized and creative search experience.

Responsible AI Creativity

Google emphasizes its commitment to responsible AI image generation. The company has implemented safeguards to ensure that the tool adheres to its prohibited use policy for generative AI. Each image created through SGE will include metadata labeling and embedded watermarking, signifying its AI origin. Google’s initial phase limits the generation of images that depict photorealistic faces or notable individuals, focusing on responsible usage. In addition to images, SGE offers the ability to generate written drafts directly from the search bar. Users can specify the desired length and tone of the draft and export it to Google Docs or Gmail.

Google’s SGE, launched in May, has seen continuous improvements and innovations. While some users may prefer traditional search results, the new image and draft creation tools provide an exciting dimension to the search experience. Google is making search more visually expressive and textually engaging, paving the way for an innovative and creative future of online search.

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