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Tech giant, Google has announced that the company will be employing AI advancements, including a new technology called Multitask Unified Model (MUM) to redesign Google Search. At Google’s Search On event, the company exhibited new features, including those that support MUM, to better connect web searchers to the material they are searching for, while further making web search appear more natural and intuitive.

People Can Now Easily Understand New Topics They Are Searching For

Moreover, one of the latest features being rolled out is called “Things to know,” which will focus on making it simpler for people to understand new topics they’re searching for. This feature recognizes how people usually search for various topics online and then shows web searchers the aspects of the topic people are most likely to look at first.

Furthermore, these Google Search pages are intended to better compete with Pinterest, it appears, as they’re also able to help people become motivated by searches — similar to how Pinterest’s image-heavy pinboard intends to turn people’s visual inspiration into action — such as visiting a website or enacting an online purchase.

Google says the Google Search pages will be useful for searches where users are “exploring for inspiration,” like “Halloween decorating ideas” or “indoor vertical garden plans” or other plans to try. This feature can be tried out today on mobile devices.

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Google is Using AI Advancements to Upgrade Video Search

Moreover, the search giant is further upgrading video search. Already, the company uses AI advancements to recognize key moments inside a video. Now, it will take things further with the rollout of a feature that will distinguish the topics in a video — even if the subject isn’t explicitly specified in the video — then present links that will enable users to search deeper and learn more.

For Google, this sort of addition using AI advancements may be essential because the transfer to mobile is affecting its search dominance. In the present times, several mobile shopping searches now start directly on Amazon. Moreover, when iPhone users need to do something particular on their phone, they usually use Siri, Spotlight, the App Store, or a primary app to get help.

Source: TechCrunch


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