According to recent reports, the tech giant, Google is in the works to develop a “Switch to Android” app for the iOS App Store just like Apple has a “Move to iOS” app for Android.

Presently, the company is performing the switching procedure by backing up calendar events, contacts, and pictures to Google Drive. When the new user is logged in with the same Google account, the content will then be available and downloadable onto the respective gadget.

While the standard way to transfer data from an iPhone to an android device is by generating a backup on Google Drive and then downloading it again on the new phone, renowned critics of the tech game have reported that Android’s conventional “Data Restore Tool” received an update recently, including “mentions of a Google-developed Switch to Android app for iOS”, similar to Apple’s “Move to iOS” app for android.

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The said app of Google requires the completion of the following steps for transferring files between iOS and Android devices:
• Step 1: Get the Switch to Android app from the App Store
• Step 2: Go to your WiFi settings
• Step 3: Connect to network ^1 and enter password ^2

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Furthermore, as per reports, the method will soon be incorporated in the Google framework with other features such as transferring apps, SMS messages, contacts, and iTunes backup passwords.

For the time being, the “Switch to Android” app isn’t available on the Play Store, but it’s just a matter of time when it appears on the platform. Considering how forward Apple has been in the past when it deployed the “Move To iOS” app, Google’s progress could still prove to be much more successful.

Source: 9to5google


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