Google has introduced a blue checkmark feature for Gmail users to verify the identity of the sender.

Google has introduced a blue checkmark feature for Gmail users to verify the identity of the sender. The feature aims to warn people against scammers and let companies verify their identities by adding the blue tick next to their name in peoples’ inboxes. Previously, in 2021, Google also introduced Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), which requires senders to use strong authentication and verify their brand logo.

What is Gmail Blue Checkmark Feature?

The Twitter-like blue checkmark next to the company’s name will help end users distinguish between legitimate senders and impersonators. “Look for the blue checkmark next to a company’s name in your emails to make sure they’re the real deal before you respond,” tweeted Gmail. According to Google, this will increase confidence in email sources and gives readers an immersive experience, creating a better email ecosystem for everyone.

The feature will be particularly useful to avoid scams as fake/Phishing emails are being used heavily to steal identities, trick people into revealing sensitive financial information, and even spread disinformation. “Strong email authentication helps users and email security systems identify and stop spam, and also enables senders to leverage their brand trust,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Pop-up to Explain the Details

Once a Gmail user received an email from a verified sender, it will be reflected in the inbox with a blue tick. Upon hovering over the blue tick, a popup will appear for the users, which reads “The sender of this email has verified that they own [the domain it was sent from] and the logo in the profile image,” accompanied by a link for additional information. On the other hand, the blue checkmark has become a sign of shame for various Twitter users who are still retaining their blue ticks even after not paying for the service.

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