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Facebook will now allow users to initiate cross-app group chats between Messenger and Instagram, the company announced Thursday. The update is a significant step forward in Facebook’s goals to make its apps operate better with each other. To be able to use the cross-app group chats, the users will have to opt-in, and Facebook says that “over 70% of eligible people on Instagram have updated to the new Messenger experience.”

Facebook is Now Introducing Polls in Instagram DMs  

Furthermore, other modifications include polls in Instagram DMs, building off the poll feature that exists in Messenger. Facebook Messenger is also incorporating a group typing feature to group DMs — regardless of which app the user is chatting on. Moreover, as Instagram welcomes video content, users will now be able to use Messenger’s existing Watch Together feature to view Instagram posts like Reels and IGTV videos at the same time.

“Within these cross-app group chats, users can continue to customize your chat experience with chat themes and custom reactions,” the company said in a blogpost on Thursday.

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70% Users on Instagram Have Updated the App for Cross-App Group Chats Feature

In addition to this, Facebook has said that more than 70 percent of qualified people on Instagram have updated to the new Messenger experience to appreciate new features like cross-app group chats.

The corporation has further said it is introducing polls to your Instagram DMs and cross-app group chats with friends across Messenger and Instagram, making it simpler for the group to choose which new show is most binge-worthy or which restaurant they should visit next weekend.

Safety and Privacy is of Top Priority

Users will still have the same controls over who can reach them. “With delivery controls, you decide who reaches your Chats List, who goes to your Message Request folder, and who can’t message or call you,” the company said. “We love adding fun new features, but our number one priority is keeping safety and privacy top of mind,” it added.

Source: The Verge 


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