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China’s largest online retailer, Alibaba will now allow B2B Pakistani sellers more opportunities to expand their businesses by providing several B2B services on its B2B marketplace platform. Alibaba is not just a platform to connect purchasers to sellers but further presents an opportunity for businesses to reach 200 markets. The latest forecast predicts the global export business of Pakistan will rise by 8% in 2021, meanwhile, B2B is expected to yearly increase in Pakistan by 28% in the next 3 years making it one of the biggest exporters.

Alibaba Aims to Bring 30 Million Customers by Next Year

Furthermore, next year Alibaba.com intends to obtain 30 million online customers on the platform and support over 100,000 sellers online. The e-commerce platform also intends to develop its logistics service to have the ability to transport a million units anywhere around the globe.

The Annual Growth B2B Pakistani Sellers is More Than 64 Percent 

Stephen Kuo, Head of Alibaba.com, APAC at the annual Daraz Seller Summit addressed thousands of B2B Pakistani sellers and stated, “Daraz is a close partner of Alibaba.com, many of our audience today are Daraz members and sellers. Pakistan’s export industry generated almost PKR 339 Billion in October 2020 and the economy and export market of Pakistan are booming ever since. Pakistan is one of the most important countries for Alibaba.com as the annual growth of B2B Pakistani sellers is more than 64% which shows the potential of the industry.”

The executive further continued that they would prefer to continue their support for the annual growth of the industry as Pakistan is the number 1 international country for Alibaba.com when it comes to local B2B sellers.

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Mr. Kuo also stated, “Together with Daraz we want to provide full local support to B2B Pakistani sellers. We have a very clear growth path to help them start their business online starting from setting up their stores, uploading products and we have also launched multiple seller education courses for paying members for Alibaba.com in Pakistan.”

It’s Time to Bring Local Business Online

Alibaba will provide services such as advertising, logistics services, payments, and regular operations systems and be a one-stop provider for businesses of B2B Pakistani sellers and with this mission, the e-commerce giant is committed to supporting the growth of Pakistan’s e-commerce and export industry. Alibaba’s aim is to make it easy for B2B Pakistani sellers to conduct business anywhere in the world. The business competitors and customers are getting online and now is the time to further bring local business online.

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