In a piece of emerging news from Hong Kong, a shipment containing14 boxes of high-valued semiconductor chips worth $644,000 was stolen by a group of cargo criminals.

Chips were stolen during transportation:

A logistics company was employed to deliver a batch of high-priced electronic chips worth about HK$5 million to the manufacturer’s warehouse situated on the 8th floor of the same industrial building.

The deputy truck driver on duty was cornered by three men in an elevator, who ambushed him as the elevator door closes, leaving him bruised. The injured employee informed his colleagues who then reported the incident to the police.

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Police were unable to track down the burglars despite setting up roadblocks around the crime scene as soon as the incident happened. No further development is reported on the story so far.

Over the past two years, memory chips and microprocessors have become the targets of well-organized groups of criminals. Police estimate hundreds of millions of dollars worth of semiconductors and other high-technology commodities such as disc drives and printers being stolen each year.

Earlier this month, a research report by a market analysis firm “TrendForce Consulting” showed that the semiconductor business has profited tremendously from the high demand for several applications, leading to an increase in their stock prices. The increase in demand compared to supply has also led to a rise in the prices of wafer and adjustment to the product mix. The organizations may need to increase their security level as the high demand for products leads to an increase in the theft of chip shipments.

According to a recent report, the global chip scarcity isn’t going away soon. As manufacturers juggle the limited supply of chips, the shortage is taking a new dimension. Incidents like these will only make the prevailing situation even worse.

Source: Pro Pakistani


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