Elon Musk has announced that Twitter will allow bots with “good content” to access its API for free. He tweeted; Twitter will enable a light, write-only API for bots providing good free content. Earlier, Twitter announced that developers will need to sign up for a paid basic tier to access Twitter’s API.

Developers React to Twitter’s API Monetization

A lot of developers criticized Musk’s decision saying that their automation provided free content to people and, in turn, enhancing the services. A developer wrote, “Each of us Twitter bot makers already pay for the servers that send these tweets. That’s fine. But now some clownstick at Twitter decides they also want money for the priviledge of receiving these tweets.”

Darius Kazemi, a famous developer, said, “I have more than 80 bots on Twitter so it would take me several thousand dollars to keep them up every year and I can’t afford that kind of money.”

Musk Amp Up Revenue-generating Efforts

Musk has been doing everything to create multiple revenue streams from the social media platform. Reportedly, he is planning to show ads in replies to share revenue with creators, but the details regarding the development are still unclear. Moreover, Musk is also planning to charge an extra $50 per month to add badges to each account affiliated with the brand.

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