Bitcoin crash

Blood seems to be on the crypto streets as a mammoth market sell-off exceeding $300 billion has caused the blockchain industry to retreat.

The highest count by the global market cap was recorded to be $1.76 trillion, and it fell to $1.46 trillion in less than 48 hours and seems to fall even more.

Since Monday morning, prices were found lessening down and the trading bubble was expanded as the investors tried to get out of it.  As per the CoinMarketCap, the biggest drop was Bitcoin. From highs of $58,000 over the weekend, it went to $47,700 within 19 hours. Bitcoin encountered the largest single-day fall ever.

As reported in the article by Propakistani Crypto watchdogs brought up some exciting news on Twitter telling us the insights such as:

Albeit the losses are huge, experts and analysts suggest this is all part the Bitcoin’s cyclical price shifts. What does that mean exactly?

“Get high on lows.”

If you’re a seasoned buyer and are accustomed to the concept of “buying on lows”, then you’d probably feel relieved this happened. Bitcoin supporter Raoul Pal agrees as he said:

“Is it just me that feels relief when the BTC sell-offs come? You know they are coming but when they finally arrive you can switch in to buy the dip mode. March is a historically weak month. Not sure if this is the bigger March correction of just another cheeky shakeout.”
Assets such as stocks and cryptocurrencies that are overvalued are threats to the economic recovery as its a great risk. The trajectories observed in the following months shows that the damage can be recovered if investors’  emotional purview is able to withstand the damage.



image source: tabz

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