In Fortnite legal battle

The In Fortnite legal battle between Apple and Epic Games has finally come to an end with both sides undergoing significant losses. Epic Games acquired part of what it was fighting for, but not without taking a blow.

Apple Barred from Keeping Users in Dark 

As per the In Fortnite legal battle’s ruling, Apple has now been barred from keeping iPhone users in the dark concerning alternate forms of in-app payments. This should enable third-party developers to stick to their own payment methods in their apps rather than having to pay Apple tax in the App Store.

On the other hand, Epic Games has been penalized for introducing its own payment system into Fortnite to evade Apple tax. In doing so, Epic Games breached its agreement with Apple and is subjected to a fine. A transit to provoke this entire In Fortnite legal battle
was not justified.

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In Fortnite Legal Battle Ended with Epic Paying $3.6 Million to Apple 

Furthermore, tech giant Apple had annulled Epic’s developer account on the App Store when it breached the contract. The court confirmed that Apple is entirely within its rights to retain Epic off the App Store for good.

In addition to this, Epic Games will have to pay Apple almost $3.6 million in damages. This is because Epic made roughly $12.2 million after injecting its own payment system into In Fortnite and the court concluded that Apple deserves its 30% Apple tax.

A Resounding Victory for Apple 

Apple, however, is describing the In Fortnite legal battle ruling as a “resounding victory.” That also makes sense regarding how its downgraded Epic’s initial request for the courts to call Apple an unlawful monopoly under the Sherman Antitrust Act to a single injunction under the California Unfair Competition Law. The courts aren’t pushing Apple to permit alternative app stores, or sideloading, or to change its 30 percent fee in any way at all.

Source: The Verge 


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