Pakistan’s digital novelty company, Zong 4G, has achieved the title of the first Pakistani operator to make this country’s pioneering 5G NSA call between Beijing and Islamabad in collaboration with Beijing Mobile. Minister of IT & Telecom Syed Amin Ul Haque experienced the 5G call in person. The inauguration ceremony of the 5G video call was executed at Zong Headquarters Islamabad.

Syed Amin-ul-Haque, while addressing the ceremony stated that he felt extreme pride to witness the launch of 5G video calls which would result in a completely changed bright future and will lead to transforming the technology landscape in Pakistan. Moreover, he commented that only in 2 years mobile phone users in Pakistan had reached 81% and still this amount was increasing rapidly. “While broadband users have also reached 42% of the total population which means we are rapidly moving towards the digital revolution in Pakistan.” He praised Zong 4G for launching the 5G video call and admitted that “they have state of the art technology and modern infrastructure which is imperative for such initiatives.”

Syed Amin-ul-Haque, further mentioned that a 5G spectrum process in Pakistan was in the last stage and soon we were going to auction the service which would profit us a huge revenue. After the launch of 5G technology, the citizens of Pakistan would be able to connect digitally. He said, “At one side we are fast moving towards modern technology and on the other side we are fully committed to expanding network coverage in far-flung areas of Pakistan. People should know that we are working relentlessly to provide the best possible network service all over the country.”

Chairman and chief executive of Zong, Wang Hua, while addressing the press said that he is in high spirits that Zong is taking the lead in the experimental launch of 5G technology which would revolutionize the technology landscape in the country. 5G technology is paving tracks in world trade and technology by introducing the fastest internet speed and best quality.

“This experimental 5G video call has connected Pakistan to the modern and technologically advanced world and it will create countless opportunities for Pakistani users in the future – even beyond their expectations,” he further added.
He said, “China Mobile Communications is fully supporting Zong 4G as it leads the world’s telecommunication networks with 188,000 5G base stations in 50 cities of China.”

Source and Image Credits: Pro Pakistani

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